The Hive: March 29, 2020

Filmmaker Iva Radivojevic joins Hive host Farnaz Fatemi in this episode of Poetry in the World, to talk about how poems—their visions, the process of making them, the poets who write them—are integral to her art.

This episode is a meal full of poems, prompts, artistic vision. Sink your teeth in!

Mentioned in our conversation: 
* Woman, Native, Other by Trinh T. Minh-Ha
* Roland Barthes “I like, I don’t like”

Chilean poets:
* Cecilia Vicuna, Language is Migrant
* Roberto Bolano, Antwerp
* Niconor Parra, AntiPoems

This episode of The Hive was broadcast on KSQD Santa Cruz

The Hive: March 22, 2020

For The Hive Poetry Collective, Julie Murphy interviewed Kerrin McCadden about her chapbook Keep This to Yourself, winner of the 2020 Button Poetry Prize.  Don’t miss this soulful conversation about family, addiction, and loss.

Kerrin McCadden:, Twitter: @kerrinmccadden

Keep This to Yourself, from Amazon

Los Angeles Review:
Button Poetry:

This edisode of The Hive was broadcast on KSQD Santa Cruz.

The Poetry Show: March 15, 2020

We have enetered a turbulent time in Santa Cruz. A virus called COVID-19 has caused a global pandemic and, in response, KSQD is following official health policy and asking show hosts to limit studio visits as much as possible. So, rather than a live show from the studio, The Poetry Show for March 15 was a recorded Poetry Santa Cruz reading from October of last year, featuring Lola Haskins and David Sullivan.

Although the recording had not previously been broadcast on KSQD, it was posted here as a podcast. The KSQD version was edited slightly to fit into the hour alotted, so we won’t post that recording here. Instead, here’s a link to the original October 2019 post.

The Hive: February 23, 2020

Julie Murphy interviews San Francisco poet Gail Newman about her award winning book Blood Memory. Gail, a daughter of Polish Holocaust survivors, talks about her poetry, memory, and faith. 

Marsh Hawk Press Book Store:
Small Press Distribution:
On Being:
Ellen Bass: Truth and Beauty with Marie Howe
Two Sylvias Press:

This episode of The Hive was broadcast on KSQD Santa Cruz.

The Poetry Show: February 16, 2020

Last Tuesday afternoon, visiting poet Alicia Ostriker sat down with host Dennis Morton for this one-on-one conversation. Alicia and Dane Cervine read for a Poetry Santa Cruz audience that evening.

This recording was broadcast on KSQD Santa Cruz.

The Hive: February 9, 2020

Lisa Allen Ortiz travels to La Honda to talk to David LeCount about his 45 year haiku habit, living with nature, and how he met his teacher, James Hackett. Here is LeCount’s haiku which won Japanese Haiku Society’s Grand Prize in 1989:

captured firefly–
a child’s fingers
hatch the moon

This episode of The Hive Poetry Collective was broadcast on KSQD Santa Cruz.