Poetry Santa Cruz reading: April 2016 (re-post)

Upcoming on Tuesday June 14 is the monthly Poetry Santa Cruz reading, at Bookshop Santa Cruz. The Poetry Show will be there to record the event, headlined by Kim Dower and William Minor, and we’ll be posting that here as a podcast. Dennis will also be interviewing Ms. Dower for a new Poetry Show podcast episode.

As an appetizer, and to further the goal of copying past blog posts over here to our brand-new site, here’s a re-post of the April PSC reading:

The April 2016 Poetry Santa Cruz reading  event, held as usual on the second Tuesday (12th) at Bookshop Santa Cruz, featured Irish poets Anne-Marie Fyfe and C. L. Dallat,  following their Poetry Show appearance on April 10. Anne-Marie’s new collection is titled House of Small Absences, and C. L. Dallat’s latest book is The Year of Not Dancing.

Dallat is also an accomplished musician,  and treated the audience to a couple of pieces on mandolin – one of many instruments he brought along on the current West Coast book tour. The reading was followed by a brief question and answer session.

The two poets live in London, where they run Coffee House Poetry Troubadour.


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