Kim Dower, guest poet


On the afternoon of June 14, 2016, Los Angeles-based poet Kim Dower sat down for a conversation with Poetry Show host Dennis Morton. Kim’s newest book is Last Train to the Missing Planet. She was in town for a reading that evening (listen to the reading here), and graciously took some time away from enjoying a beautiful afternoon in Santa Cruz. Actually, since the interview took place outdoors in Abbott Square, we did not have to take any time away from enjoying the beautiful afternoon.

This conversation forms a sort of sidebar, to be enjoyed alongside the Poetry Santa Cruz reading later in the evening. Kim and Dennis get into some interesting “behind the poetry” territory, so be sure to listen to both recordings. Another reason to include the Poetry Santa Cruz reading in your podcast-listening schedule is to enjoy the poetry of William Minor, the other reader at that event.

Kim Dower was once previously a guest on the KUSP Poetry Show, back in September of 2013, by phone from Los Angeles (the KUSP blog posts and podcasts will all soon be copied over to our new website here – but for now the KUSP site is still up and running). Or, find the podcast here: (2013-09-08 Kim Dower, guest poet).

This conversation marks the beginning of a new life for The Poetry Show – our first show that won’t be broadcast live on KUSP-FM. The plan for now is to record new episodes of The Poetry Show when an interesting guest is available, and on other occasions as the spirit moves.

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