The Poetry Show: Jan. 19, 2020

Following an opening poem by Martin Espada, host Dennis Morton reads extensively from the latest book by Joseph Stroud: Everything Rises, and also a number of poems by Morton Marcus. From Copper Canyon Press:

“The poems in Everything That Rises, Joseph Stroud’s sixth book, explore the ephemeral world, mortality, and the redemptive possibilities of poetry. The book is sequenced into sections, each distinctive in theme and style, from short six-line lyrics and slender vertical poems, to longer, ruminative works. A section of translations includes Virgil, Catullus, Tu Fu, Neruda, and poems from the ancient Sanskrit and Tamil. Wide ranging in setting, persona, and cultural allusion, many of the poems merge the elegiac with the celebratory in a manner that is characteristic of Stroud’s vision. The poems move quietly, reverently across the earth with keen observation and wonder.”

This episode of The Poetry Show was broadcast on KSQD Santa Cruz.