Poetry Santa Cruz readings

This page lists podcast recordings (since June, 2016) of poetry reading events sponsored by Poetry Santa Cruz. Here’s the chronological list, most recent first:

2018-09-11. PSC September 2018 – Featured readers: Robert Sward, Danusha Lameris
2018-07-10. PSC July 2018 – Featured readers: Doreen Stock, Stephen Kessler
2018-06-12. PSC June 2018 – Featured readers: D. Nurkse, Nancy Miller Gomez
2018-05-15. PSC May 2018 – Featured readers: Stephen Kuusisto, Ken Weisner
2018-04-10. PSC April 2018 – Featured readers: Rebecca Foust, Marcia Adams
2018-03-16. PSC March 2018 – Featured readers: Garrett Hongo, Robin Lysne
2018-02-16. PSC February 2018 – Featured reader: Willis Barnstone
2018-01-14. PSC January 2018 – Featured readers: William Ward Butler, Meg Freitag, Lisa Allen Ortiz, Debra Spencer
2017-10-06. 3rd annual Voices of the River
2017-07-12. PSC July 2017 – Featured readers: Ellen Grace O’Brian, Ziggy Rendler-Bregman, Elliott Ruchowitz-Roberts, Kevin Opstedal
2017-06-13. PSC June 2017 – Featured readers: Michael McLaughlin and David Swanger
2017-05-09. PSC May 2017 – Featured readers: Ron Koertge, Rosie King
2017-04-25. PSC Special: Four Poet Laureates – Featured readers: Ellen Bass, David Swanger, Gary Young, Robert Sward
2017-04-11. PSC April 2017 – Featured readers: Lola Haskins, Marc Zegans
2017-03-14. PSC March 2017 – Featured readers: Travis Massotti, David Allen Sullivan
2017-02-14. PSC February 2017 – Valentine’s Day love poem reading, featuring 16 readers
2017-01-10. PSC January 2017 – Featured readers: Christopher Buckley, Gary Young
2016-12-14. Cervine, Estrin, Glick: PSC local poets reading. Featured readers: Dane Cervine, Robin Estrin, Bert Glick
2016-10-23. Maude Meehan Memorial reading, October 18, 2016. Featured readers: Maria Garcia Teutsch, Debra Spencer
2016-10-03. Voices of the River – 2016. Featured readers: Robert Sward, Danusha Lameris, David Swanger, Farnaz Fatemi, Stephen Kessler, Alison Luterman
2016-07-17. Poetry Santa Cruz reading. Featured readers: Dana Gioia, Robert Sward
2016-06-16. Poetry Santa Cruz reading. Featured readers: William Minor, Kim Dower
2016-06-12. Poetry Santa Cruz reading (April 2016). Featured readers: Anne-Marie Fyfe, C. L. Dallat