Poetry Santa Cruz events & podcasts

Poetry Santa Cruz events, 2019

Lola Haskins and David Sullivan.
Tuesday, Oct. 8, 7:30 pm, at
Felix Kulpa Gallery, 107 Elm Street, Santa Cruz.

Lola Haskins

Lola Haskins (lolahaskins.com) has read and taught all over the US. Her most recent collection is Asylum: Improvisations on John Clare (Pitt, 2019). Among her awards are the Iowa Poetry Prize, two NEAs, two Florida Book Awards and the Emily Dickinson prize from Poetry Society of America. She is currently serving a four year term as Honorary Chancellor of the Florida State Poets Association.

AlsoLola Haskins will be conducting an afternoon workshop on Wednesday, October 9th, entitled Is That You? Some thoughts on shape-shifting, followed by exercises to bring out your inner thief.(Handout included.) Cost is $50. Limited to 10 people. Email Dane Cervine with questions or to reserve a spot: DaneCervine@cruzio.com

David in China (photo: Cherie Barkey)

David Allen Sullivan teaches at Cabrillo College, where he edits the Porter Gulch Review with his students. His books include: Strong-Armed Angels, Every Seed of the Pomegranate, a book of co-translation with Abbas Kadhim from the Arabic of Iraqi Adnan Al-Sayegh, Bombs Have Not Breakfasted Yet, and Black Ice. He won the Mary Ballard Chapbook poetry prize for Take Wing, and his book of poems about the year he spent as a Fulbright lecturer in China, Seed Shell Ash, is forthcoming from Salmon Press. 
Nightjars, a long narrative poem about the friendship between an Iraqi interpreter and a US soldier, is searching for a home. The first section won the Golden Walkman aural chapbook award and is available as a podcast. David’s poetry website is: https://dasulliv1.wixsite.com/website-1. A modern Chinese co-translation project is at: https://dasulliv1.wixsite.com/website-trans, and he’s searching for a publisher for an anthology of poetry about the paintings of Bosch and Bruegel he edited with his art historian mother who died recently. David lives in Santa Cruz with his family.


Poet/Speak Open Reading, October 20

(all open reading)
3rd Sunday of every month, 2:00 to 4:00 PM
Santa Cruz Main Library, upstairs Training/Meeting Room
224 Church St., Santa Cruz CA 95060.


Poetry Santa Cruz past event podcasts

The list below provides links to podcast recordings (since June, 2016) of poetry reading events sponsored by Poetry Santa Cruz. Here’s the chronological list, most recent first:

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2019-02-12. PSC February 2019 – Fire and Rain anthology
2019-01-08. PSC January 2019 – Featured readers: Marvin Artis, Dane Cervine
2018-12-11. PSC December 2018 – Featured readers: Dan Gerber, Patrice Vecchione
2018-10-09. PSC October 2018 – Featured poets Zubair Ahmed, Matthew Siegel
2018-09-11. PSC September 2018 – Featured readers: Robert Sward, Danusha Lameris
2018-07-10. PSC July 2018 – Featured readers: Doreen Stock, Stephen Kessler
2018-06-12. PSC June 2018 – Featured readers: D. Nurkse, Nancy Miller Gomez
2018-05-15. PSC May 2018 – Featured readers: Stephen Kuusisto, Ken Weisner
2018-04-10. PSC April 2018 – Featured readers: Rebecca Foust, Marcia Adams
2018-03-16. PSC March 2018 – Featured readers: Garrett Hongo, Robin Lysne
2018-02-16. PSC February 2018 – Featured reader: Willis Barnstone
2018-01-14. PSC January 2018 – Featured readers: William Ward Butler, Meg Freitag, Lisa Allen Ortiz, Debra Spencer
2017-10-06. 3rd annual Voices of the River
2017-07-12. PSC July 2017– Featured readers: Ellen Grace O’Brian, Ziggy Rendler-Bregman, Elliott Ruchowitz-Roberts, Kevin Opstedal
2017-06-13. PSC June 2017 – Featured readers: Michael McLaughlin and David Swanger
PSC May 2017 – Featured readers: Ron Koertge, Rosie King
PSC Special: Four Poet Laureates – Featured readers: Ellen Bass, David Swanger, Gary Young, Robert Sward
PSC April 2017 – Featured readers: Lola Haskins, Marc Zegans
PSC March 2017 – Featured readers: Travis Massotti, David Allen Sullivan
PSC February 2017 – Valentine’s Day love poem reading, featuring 16 readers
PSC January 2017 – Featured readers: Christopher Buckley, Gary Young
Cervine, Estrin, Glick: PSC local poets reading. Featured readers: Dane Cervine, Robin Estrin, Bert Glick
Maude Meehan Memorial reading, October 18, 2016. Featured readers: Maria Garcia Teutsch, Debra Spencer
Voices of the River – 2016. Featured readers: Robert Sward, Danusha Lameris, David Swanger, Farnaz Fatemi, Stephen Kessler, Alison Luterman
Poetry Santa Cruz reading. Featured readers: Dana Gioia, Robert Sward
Poetry Santa Cruz reading. Featured readers: William Minor, Kim Dower
Poetry Santa Cruz reading (April 2016). Featured readers: Anne-Marie Fyfe, C. L. Dallat