Poetry Santa Cruz readings

In addition to The Poetry Show, this blog covers poetry reading events sponsored by Poetry Santa Cruz, including podcast recordings. Here’s the chronological list, most recent first:

2016-12-14. Cervine, Estrin, Glick: PSC local poets reading. Featured readers: Dane Cervine, Robin Estrin, Bert Glick
2016-10-23. Maude Meehan Memorial reading, October 18, 2016. Featured readers: Maria Garcia Teutsch, Debra Spencer
2016-10-03. Voices of the River – 2016. Featured readers: Robert Sward, Danusha Lameris, David Swanger, Farnaz Fatemi, Stephen Kessler, Alison Luterman
2016-07-17. Poetry Santa Cruz reading. Featured readers: Dana Gioia, Robert Sward
2016-06-16. Poetry Santa Cruz reading. Featured readers: William Minor, Kim Dower
2016-06-12. Poetry Santa Cruz reading (April 2016). Featured readers: Anne-Marie Fyfe, C. L. Dallat