Poetry Santa Cruz events & podcasts

Poetry Santa Cruz events, 2020

Alicia Ostriker and Dane Cervine
Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 7:30 pm
The Food Lounge at the Santa Cruz Art Center
1001 Center Street, Suite One, Santa Cruz, CA

Alicia Ostriker has twice received the National Jewish Book Award for Poetry, and has been twice nominated for the National Book Award, among other honors.   As a critic she is the author of Stealing the Language: the Emergence of Women’s Poetry in America, and other books on poetry and on the Bible, most recently For the Love of God: the Bible as an Open Book. Her work has been translated to many languages including Hebrew and Arabic. She is currently the New York State Poet Laureate.

Her most recent collections of poems are  The Old Woman, the Tulip and the Dog, and Waiting for the Light. The Old Woman, the Tulip and the Dog and Waiting for the Light are all published by the University of Pittsburgh Press, and can be ordered from the Chicago Distribution Center, 800-621-2736.

The Old Woman, the Tulip and the Dog and Waiting for the Light are all published by the University of Pittsburgh Press, and can be ordered from the Chicago Distribution Center, 800-621-2736.

“Alicia Ostriker has become one of those brilliantly provocative and imaginatively gifted contemporaries whose iconoclastic expression, whether in prose or poetry, is essential to understanding our American selves.”  –Joyce Carol Oates

“Ostriker is our morning-after psalmist; our wild, justice-starved, embodied, dazzling intelLigence in its unending argument with itself, he world, and God.”–Eleanor Wilner

Dane Cervine

Dane Cervine’s recent books include Earth Is a Fickle Dancer (Main Street Rag), and The Gateless Gate – Polishing the Moon Sword, from Saddle Road Press in Hawaii, a cross-genre work of Zen koan & prose poems. Previous poetry books include Kung Fu of the Dark Father, How Therapists Dance, The Jeweled Net of Indra, and What a Father Dreams.

Dane’s poems have won awards from Adrienne Rich, Tony Hoagland, the Atlanta Review, and Caesura, and have been nominated for a Pushcart. His work appears in The SUN, the Hudson Review, TriQuarterly, Poetry Flash, Catamaran, Miramar, Rattle, Sycamore Review, and Pedestal Magazine, among others.

Visit his website at: https://danecervine.typepad.com/


Poet/Speak(all open reading)
3rd Sunday of every month, 2:00 to 4:00 PM
Santa Cruz Main Library, upstairs Training/Meeting Room
224 Church St., Santa Cruz CA 95060.


Poetry Santa Cruz past event podcasts

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2017-10-06. 3rd annual Voices of the River
2017-07-12. PSC July 2017– Featured readers: Ellen Grace O’Brian, Ziggy Rendler-Bregman, Elliott Ruchowitz-Roberts, Kevin Opstedal
2017-06-13. PSC June 2017 – Featured readers: Michael McLaughlin and David Swanger
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PSC Special: Four Poet Laureates – Featured readers: Ellen Bass, David Swanger, Gary Young, Robert Sward
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Voices of the River – 2016. Featured readers: Robert Sward, Danusha Lameris, David Swanger, Farnaz Fatemi, Stephen Kessler, Alison Luterman
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Poetry Santa Cruz reading (April 2016). Featured readers: Anne-Marie Fyfe, C. L. Dallat